Into the fifth day of a week’s sugar free diet now. 

Breakfast is the hardest meal. It has changed so much from bread,bagels or sugary cereal. 

I’m not eating fruit right now (though I may treat myself to a banana before a run later) so my options are a little limited. 

Eggs seem to be the way forward, and luckily we have a local plentiful supply! 



I’m well over half way now. Must admit I’m finding food repetitive. Though I’m probably not being inventive enough.  But that might be my subconscious, still craving sugar, finding an excuse to go back to my normal diet.

I quit smoking after 17 years, it was a lot harder than this. 

Caffeine for two weeks was much worse. Lots of headaches.

But sugar makes you happy, and all of our brains like being happy. 

I guess the challenge is to get happy about beating the part of your brain that is telling you what it (you) makes you happy. 

Not sure that makes sense. 

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Still off the sugar. Ever been to a teenagers disco and found a lot of food without sugar?

Me either.

And try finding anything at a bar without it. 

Luckily, there is tea. Kind bar staff deserve a hashtag.

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Two days into my no sugar diet.

Amazing how much energy I have. I thought that having no sugar (or a very small amount of naturally occurring sugar) would leave me short of energy, but this is simply not the case at all.

I seem to be, if anything, more energetic. 

I’ve lost the highs and lows of sugar intake, and I think I feel better for it already.

A test tonight as I’m going to a party. But I’m not drinking. I’m Des. 

I have also decided to not drink booze for September. I think if you drink (which is tons of sugar of course) your hangover needs sugar to help it recover the following day. How much of a hangover is sugar withdrawal? 

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Yes, I do want a fucking unicorn


Day one winding down.

I’ve got through it. Almost had a moment of forgetfulness/weakness with a Wispa ‘bite’. 

There were chippy chips and curry in the house tonight. I didn’t waver. I had a bhuna with salad. I think that’s ok. Looked at ingredients online. Seemed a low sugar option. 

I’m still learning, but the first day is nearly up.

I need to avoid temptation where possible. 

[turns on Great British Bake Off]

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Snack time. 

No sugar. 

It’s not impossible to find foods I can eat. And it actually tastes ok.

I’m more irritable than usual. I’ve heard it suggested that in 10 years sugar will be viewed like alcohol or tobacco. 

With as many people making money out of sugar as there is, I’d say that was optimistic.  

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9 hours. 157 to go. 
First chance to crumble. Kids going back to school tomorrow. Talk of takeaway tonight. 
Wife (she of tasty treats) suggests I could start my sugar free week on Monday. As the kids aren’t about during the day (I’m a shift worker). Subsequently my subconscious finds a way to justify the argument.
However, I stay strong. 
Let’s do this.
I weigh myself to see if this helps me lose weight. 102kg. About normal. 
Eggs for breakfast. Lots of nuts in the house. 
My brain already trying to find excuses for me to have sugar. Guess this is withdrawal symptoms kicking in. 

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A week without sugar

A week without sugar.

I’m setting myself up for a fall, but I’m trying to do a week with a diet free from sugar. 
I’ve been researching a little, and it seems anything more than 7.5 grams of sugar consumed at once will be stored on your body. 
I’m a 39 yr old man with a belly, which I’d like to get rid of. My background reading has led me to the conclusion that the belly isn’t a beer one, it’s a ‘sugar belly’.  
The fat produced by putting too much sugar (including carbohydrates) sits around your midriff and organs so I understand. 
But the problem is, I’m addicted. 
I quit smoking 5 years ago, which wasn’t easy, but I got there. I think this one will be even tougher.
No wheat, spuds, rice, alcohol. 
However will I cope! Writing helps me get through things so I’m thinking I’ll update my blog. 
Day 1 is tomorrow. This morning I’m having a hangover inspired full English. Today is my splurge. Tomorrow I need to be prepared. 
And strong. Strong enough to resist my wife’s wonderful baking. 

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2 hours until work

Sunday afternoon,

Relaxed in my living room.

In on nights tonight,

It’s really not alright.

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Their Tube, You Tube

In Sunday I went to a You Tube Festival with our 15 and 13yr old Daughters. 

A Festival of You Tube. 

I read about it last year and being the ‘right-on’, ‘down with the kids’ parent I am, I suggested we get tickets. 

I was curious as to what the whole thing is about, as I use You Tube as most 39 year olds do, to watch a video then close it.  

Turns out teenagers (seemingly predominantly girls) subscribe to channels, and it’s like a fack-e-book (that’s a You Tube joke I picked up) news feed, but with just video.  I have no idea who these people are, but lots of them have hundreds of thousands, or even millions of subscribers.

No links, no pictures, and not like keeping up to date with your friends, but watching the sketches and lives of You Tubers. 

And it’s largely homemade, free from control of large corporations. The channel owners get advertising revenue direct (at least I think that’s how it works) and no need for networks.

It’s a hugely different world to the ones we grew up in. But what a platform for individuality, creativity!

Bring the big corporations to their knees with your circumventing the system! Or not.

You see the kids aren’t fussed about the chance they have to bypass global brands and set themselves free.

They just largely want to watch things that make them laugh or interest them.

And so they should. 

Perhaps their future is one where they break free. Or maybe they just get into Breaking Bad, whatever it is. 

I leave you with some facts gleaned from the ‘official publication’ of Summer in the City 2015. 

There are now over 100 You Tube Channels in the UK with over a million subscribers.

“It’s clear the mainstream media doesn’t get it”.

Ah, it’s like teenagers then? Perhaps that’s why they get on. 

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